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Zayn and Gigi Welcomes Their First Baby and Shares an Adorable Sneak Peak of Her

The little and adorable pinkys clearly show the beautiful genes from her supermodel mom and handsome, musician dad.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid both shared a glimpse, welcoming their little one who was born on the weekends. The couple shared a sneak peek of their lovely daughter on separate Instagram posts.

Instgram post by: @zayn

Instgram post by: @gigihadid

Way back 2016, when Zayn and Gigi went into a relationship and ever since, the couple never escaped the eyes from fans and followers all around the world. Like other relationships, their’s too went on a roller coaster ride after the breakup issues, leaving messages for their fans of being happy with or without each other.

Tweet by: @zaynmalik

Tweet by: @GiGiHadid

It was February this year when the two rekindled back their relationship with paparazzi photos of the two hanging out together, which made their fans the happiest on earth. Gigi confirmed their relationship with an adorable Instagram post.

Instgram post by: @gisposable

Fans who are following the couple since the beginning celebrated when April of this year came, Gigi announced her first child with Zayn.

Instagram post by: @gigihadid

Instagram post by: @gigihadid

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