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1/2: Work-Mum-Life Balance + Growing Up with Dyslexia, JoyGenea Schumer

Part 1/2 of the True Meaning of Motherhood Series with the CEO and Founder of 'Organized and Inspired Solutions by JoyGenea,' JoyGenea Schumer.

JoyGenea shared with us her journey of becoming an 'instant mum' at nearly the age of puberty! I know! She's the coolest person I know, and she's definitely a 'mother' that embodies light and strength to many children both for children with ADHD & dyslexia and for young mums. The world needs a mum like her.

In this episode, JoyGenea shares her story growing up with severe dyslexia. She inspired us with her vulnerability of how she was able to use what she considered to be a weakness in her early years and turned it into her greatest strength.

We also dive into the life of being a mumpreneur, navigating our way into finding the work-mum-life balance. And SO much more! I hope you enjoy this episode and listen to the second part of the interview.

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