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Wound Patch Made of Coconut Invented by a Filipino Nurse, Supported by DOST

Photo Credits to Cococpatch FB

Mr. Denver Chicano, an EMT and Registered Nurse who served in the Philippine General Hospital's Burn Unit came up with the concept for this new product (PGH). Mr. Chicano embarks to find a better solution for these patients and their families after seeing so many victims in the unit suffering from the slow and traumatic care of their burns from existing available drugs and protocols.

He took these findings into account while creating a new burn dressing material, which he did during his off-duty hours. His efforts eventually lead to the creation of the “VERMAC,” or the Vitro Engineered Restorative Microcellulose Absorbent Covering.

Photo Credits to DOST-Philippines /Public Domain Image

VERMAC is made with coconuts being the main ingredient, a locally available crop that aids to keep the price affordable. The material's physical properties cause it to adapt to the size and shape of the wound, minimizing exposed wound areas and small pockets. Furthermore, the substance has been shown to have bacteriostatic properties, assisting in the treatment of bacteria.

“The product branded as Vermac prevents infection, especially for diabetic wound complication,” stated by DOST.

Sec. Dela Peña listens as Chicano explains how CocoPatch is being made. (Photo grab from CocoPatch FB)

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) fully supports the ‘coco wound patch’ invented by a registered Filipino nurse, which was funded by a company that makes gauze or patches.

According to DOST Secretary Fortunato ‘Boy’ T. de la Peña, the said Filipino nurse was named Denver Chicano; proprietor of PatchMed Cosmetics Trading. He called the coco wound patch ‘Vermac.’

“From a seed idea to an actual product, DOST SETUP (Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program) project helped us with the machines we need to manufacture our products. It has proven effective through medical tests as an alternative to other wound dressings in the market,” said Chicano.

It garnered various reactions and comments from the netizens.

One of them stated “Another history made. Good job, Sir! I vividly remember Sir Chicano’s effort about this CocoPatch when I was turned in PGH during my student nurse days, he was very passionate about helping indigent patients!”

Another one added, "Producing and patronizing our own QUALITY PRODUCTS is the real SOLUTION to the development of our country… support Filipino inventions… raise the level of technology and knowledge".

Coco patch also caught the attention Philippine Marine Corps, which they use to treat burn burns sustained by their troops on the battlefield. It has also received funding from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), and it was recently featured as an innovative research entry in the Regional Invention and Contest Exhibit.

VERMAC is currently manufactured in limited quantities, but it is available to the general public via a Wound Care Clinic in Marikina City. Xyderm Corporation may also be contacted directly by doctors and patients interested in purchasing VERMAC.


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