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World's First Exosteel Modular Prefabricated Living Houses

Exosteel, which is located in Orani, Sardinia, is the world's first home development to use a steel 3D-printed "exoskeleton" construction system that supports and distributes all of the building's functional aspects and was inspired by Costantino Nivola's sculpture work.

Museums serve as gathering places for tourists. First and foremost, they are cultural and aesthetic landmarks. However, these are assured rest areas for travelers who have been traversing the city for a long time.

Mask Architects imagined a communal housing development near the Nivola Museum in Sardinia, Italy, as a collection of houses that could serve as a housing development for the area. A modular prefabricated steel housing community called Exosteel has been designed by Mask Architects as the world's first usage of a 3D-printed steel "exoskeleton" building technique to build the small village.

Exosteel is a collection of modular steel houses that would be built with a 3D-printed construction system that supports and distributes all of the functional aspects of the building.

Mask Architects co-founders Öznur Pınar Çer and Danilo Petta were inspired by Costantino Nivola's sculptures, in particular a travertine sculpture called 'La Madre.'

With heart-shaped white dwellings and 'energy towers' in the center, Exosteel punctuates the Sardinian topography in the same way that Nivola's La Madre's head does.

Exosteel will be built by Mask Architects by putting a hollow center column 13 of the building's height into the ground, supported by timber beams to support each home's three storeys.

Then, according to Mask Architects, a perimeter frame "divides and supports the [home's] façade made out of panels modeled to follow the organic contour of the house" on each floor. Mask Architects picked Exosteel's location because it's close to Orani, Sardinia's national museum, where Nicola's 'La Madre' is permanently on exhibit, in keeping with Nivola's objective of uniting communities through art.

Striving to ensure each building is entirely “self-sustainable,” Mask Architects designed each module that comprises Exosteel to be expandable and flexible to meet the conditions of Sardinia’s natural climate and weather conditions.

Considering Orani’s propensity for wind, the homes of Exosteel are completed with built-in voids that guide wind through each building to the development’s communal wind turbine. As described by Mask Architects, Exosteel garners energy from individual energy conduits placed at the top of each home.


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