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Wave Cycling Made Possible with the Manta5 Electric Water Bike

It is very exciting to ride on a bike, but bicycling on the water is an extraordinary experience!

Bicycling is one of the most enjoyable things to do. Since we were kids we have been excited to ride on those two wheels riding with balance. Aside from being enjoyable, regular cycling improves your heart, lungs, and circulation, reducing your risk of cardiovascular diseases. It also strengthens your heart muscles, lowers the resting pulse, and reduces blood fat levels.

In the 1800s bicycling was first introduced, from then on it became very popular. In 1493, Gian Giacomo Caprotti sketched out the idea of the bicycle design, then another version in 1791 in France but most people believed that the first practical bicycle was invented in Germany. As it evolves through the years, people keep exploring until cycling on the water is invented to make it more exciting.

Here are some of its features:


Get to know the world's first water bike, replicating the cycling experience on the water. This hydrofoil will allow you to bike on water. This is the first commercial bike that uses similar technology as America's Cup sailboats. A series of foils are used to keep the bike stable and maneuverable; the e-bike operates off of an IP68 waterproof motor and battery, which provides quiet operation. XE1is built to withstand corrosion and any other potential damage. It is suitable for a wide range of fitness levels-cruising lakeside, cycling along ocean coastlines with friends and family. The XE-1 is constructed of carbon fiber and aluminum. It weighs 64-pounds for it to be easy to carry.

Electric Motor & Battery

It has clever technology and is simple to use. Its waterproof duo is designed to push the limits of what’s possible on water. The motor has proven resilient against rigorous maritime tests. The features includes; fully submersible IPX8 rated battery housing system; easy access charging connector with a 4-hour charging time and 460 watts of pedal assist. You can ride up to 4 hours on the lowest assist level and 1.5 hours at maximum level assist-take note that the estimated battery runtime varies on the weight of the rider , weather conditions and level of assist.

Chassis & Gears

It is very resilient against saltwater and corrosion. The features includes the aircraft garde which is TIG-welded 6061-t6 aluminum frame; hybrid drivetrain;buoyancy modules designed to streamline the Hydrofoil both above and below water;easy maintenance of crank, gearbox and propeller or shaft

Carbon Fibre Foils

This combination is impeccably tuned and strikes a perfect balance between stability and manoeuvrability in all types of water-terrain. Its features include: foil tip design that minimizes drags and extends wingspan; 6.5 ft rear wingspan and 4 ft. front wing; general purpose foils and modular design for easy assembly and in-car transport.

Bluetooth Connectivity

All Manta 5 Hydrofoiler XE-1’s come standard with the GARMIN® eBike Remote. Through its bluetooth features it can track the distance, sped ,ride time, heart rate, battery charge level, electric assist level

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