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WATCH: This Heartwarming Disney Christmas Advertisement for 2020 Will Make You Cry

Photo Credits: Google Images

"From Our Family to Yours."

Disney UK has officially released its heartwarming Christmas advertisement for this year. The 3-minute video features a Filipino family and their traditions.

The video starts off way back Christmas of 1940, in the streets of the Philippines filled with colorful lanterns. It shows a little girl greeting her Dad who eventually surprises her with a Mickey Mouse stuff toy.

The story then jumps to 2005 in a European country filled with snow. The then little girl is now a grandmother. In the video, it shows that she is teaching her Apo to make the Filipino traditional ‘Parol’ which is a Christmas symbol in the Philippines.

The Mickey stuff toy sits with them but due to its age, it’s already starting to tear.

Because her granddaughter is already growing, so does her world. In the video, you will see her go with her friends, leaving her grandmother and the mickey stuff toy.

We can also see that her Lola is broken-hearted as she leaves her house.

But when the girl arrives home, she feels the sadness and emptiness of their house. She then decides to decorate their home with her Lola’s loved Christmas lanterns and fixes her Lola’s old Mickey Mouse.

The video earned over 1.5M views on YouTube since its release. This ad is a part of Disney’s Make-A-Wish Campain. To support their cause, simply share a picture of your family’s festive memory on any social media accounts using the hashtag #LoveFromDisney.

Video Credits: Disney UK/ YouTube


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