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Watch Royal Navy Test Out the Latest Iron Man Like Flying Jet Suit

The Royal Marines of the United Kingdom recently demonstrated the use of a jet suit that allows them to travel from an inflatable boat across the ocean to a large navy ship one by one. The demonstration was of Gravity Industries' jet suit, which gives the wearer a flying strength that is identical to that of Iron Man's.

The suit is an alternative to using a helicopter or fast-roping, which leaves the marines vulnerable to attacks and it slows down the exercise considerably.

News released from Gravity Industries stated, "The vision with the Jet Suit is to provide extremely rapid access to any part of the target vessel, instantly freeing up hands to bear a weapon, and even retaining the capability to relocate on target or self-exfiltrate".

The whole thing is so cool, it almost looks like a wire-assisted fake, and it's just as much an advertisement for the Royal Navy and Gravity Industries as it is a real test of the Gravity Jet Suit's usefulness in a naval exercise.

If the suit or its designers sound familiar, it's because Gravity Industries has been showing off its Iron Man technology for a while, though, in the past, Gravity Industries CEO Richard Browning was in the pilot seat (or suit, in this case). This isn't the first time the Royal Navy has to lend a hand in demonstrating the technology. Browning test-flew an earlier version of the Jet Suit via the Royal Navy's assault course in 2019.

As such, the suit has been getting attention for some time, and for good reason: the jetpack provides an unmatched flight experience. Richard Browning, the company's founder and chief test pilot, describes his experience with the Jet Suit on his website. "To feel your feet lift off the ground, that ultimate freedom of true flight. This will be a day you remember for the rest of your life".

We have to agree that we are envious of the marines for having a chance to try on the said Jet Suit. They seem to float effortlessly over the two rescue boats before landing gracefully on the target vessel. They then head to the vessels and then back to the ships in what seems to be a single motion. There's no question that this Jet Suit will change the way military operations are performed.


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