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Viral photo of Komodo Dragon in Indonesia sparks outrage over Jurassic Park Project

A Komodo Dragon blocking a truck’s path in the construction site of ‘Jurassic Park” in Indonesia Photo © @KawanBaikKomodo on Twitter

The photo above caused fury after it went viral on social media as the people who saw it heeded threats to the Komodo Dragon’s habitat.

The ongoing construction work of an island tourism project dubbed as “Jurassic Park” that is said to be completed by June caused outraged since people speculated that it might be of big threat to the existence of Komodo Dragons. The Komodo Dragons are known to belong in the family of lizards and is commonly found in the islands of Indonesia. They are also known to be the largest in the family that results to dominion to where they live.

One of the country’s environment ministry said that rangers will ensure the safety of the Komodo dragons that will roam near the construction site, which includes an elevated deck, dam and information center.

The environmentalist on the other side urges that the construction must stop and conservation of the dragon’s living spaces should be on priority.


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