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Utah monolith discovered, but its appearance remains an unresolved mystery

Photo credits @davidsurber_via Reuters

A silver mysterious metal monolith was found in a remote desert of the Western United States.

Officials in Utah revealed on Monday that they have found a shimmering, metal structure deep in the Red Rock desert. However, the exact location as to where the monolith was discovered was not disclosed to avoid seekers and adventurers to congregate in the area and to lessen probable mislaying.

Despite the concealment of the area, pictures emerging on Instagram shows a number of people pridefully showing their poses with the Monolith even if its appearance remains an unsolved mystery.

The said people were aided by internet detectives who geo-located the edifice on Google Earth. The coordinates of the place were then posted online.

According to David Surber, a former US Army infantry officer said that "I decided to go there first because I was drawn to the fact that this object had been there for five years, hidden in nature," The officer didn’t hesitate to have driven six hours through the night after finding a post from Reddit that claims to have found the exact location of the monolith which has been tracked from the flight path of the helicopter that spotted the structure.


The discovery lured more curious people from going to the monolith but the questions remained unanswered as to who put the structure and the reason why?

There were many hearsays and guessings, some have thought that maybe it was built by extra-terrestrial, made by some artist, or maybe it was just an unclaimed conceptual artwork.

It was also believed that it may have been done by a professional or someone that has the expertise. “One person alone could not have done it so there is a group of people who have some knowledge of it somewhere," said Wendy Wischer of the University of Utah's School of Fine Art. "Most artists want some recognition for what they are doing but this seems to include a level of humor and mystery as part of the intention”.she added.

David Surber had a reflection on his exploration in the monolith and admitted that he hoped that its origin is out of this world.

The mystery as to how the monolith emerged out of nowhere still remains. Who might have done it? And what could be the reason from behind.

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