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Ultra-luxe Space Hotel to possibly launch on 2024

Photo credits Axiom Space

This new project is named AxStation and it will be headed by former NASA astronaut Michael Suffredini.

While Space travel is a dream for many and is always limited for scientists and astronauts, it may become convenient for those who aren’t in the field as companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic make ways for private space travel.

NASA’s former International Space Station manager, Michael Suffredini, and the cutting-edge space company have officially publicized its plan to launch the very first commercial space station by the year 2024.

The project named “AxStation” costs $2 billion US dollars and it is said to double as a high-end hotel for space enthusiasts and adventurers who wanted to take their exploration to a whole new level.

In a statement, Suffredini said “Axiom was founded with the vision of a thriving home in space that benefits every human everywhere,”

“We often hear that that is a very bold statement. It is.”

The Axiom Station was designed and crafted by a creative French product designer Philippe Starck. The station was designed with high-end aesthetics, comfort, and even practicality in mind. These things are all needed to accommodate professional astronauts and even space travelers.


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