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Typhoon Ulysses comparable to Typhoon Ondoy’s catastrophe over Luzon

Photo credits: Armed Forces of the Philippines

On November 12, 2020, Typhoon Ulysses with its international name Vamco ravaged Luzon. The typhoon is said to be the 21st tropical cyclone of the year 2020.

While many Filipinos are still dealing with the strife of COVID-19 and recovering from the catastrophe brought by Typhoon Rolly which also claimed the lives and properties of many, Bicol being the first one to face it has yet to combat the fury of Typhoon Ulysses which prompted massive floods and left two people dead and four others went missing in their region.

Photo credits: Philippine Star

Taken at Marikina, Metro Manila by Facebook/Jerome Ascano

Ulysses also causes chaos in some areas such as Calabarzon, Central Luzon, and Metro Manila. With its very strong wind and unstoppable rain, it made people cry out for help and social media was even filled with heartbreaking and devastating photos of different people asking for help using the hashtag #RescuePH.

Around 40,000 homes have submerged fully or partially in Marikina and nearly three million households lost electricity and power due to high waters and strong winds.

Coast guards and others who are in the rescue had to swim through the floodwaters that already reached electricity poles. Some of them used boats to bring people and even animals to safety.

Ulysses has now weakened and about to exit the Philippine Area of Responsibility and is now forecasted to head Vietnam.

Amidst the disarray caused by the Typhoon, President Duterte assures people that they are doing their best to help people affected by Ulysses.

"My countrymen, mga kababayan, while we are facing the heavy downpour and strong winds of Ulysses, I assure everyone that your government is on top of the situation," he said in recorded remarks aired around November 12, 2020, at 1 PM.

"As President, I guarantee you that your government will do its best to assist in the form of shelters, relief goods, financial aid, and post-disaster counseling. Rest assured, the government will not leave anybody behind," he added.

Though the country and its people are in the depths of adversities, they remain resilient and even willing to reach out even in the smallest ways possible.


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