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Top 10 Holloween Pranks That Gone Wrong

The Holloween month is here, and people are very busy hoarding scary decorations to prepare for the festivity. Not only the adults but also little children who are excitedly preparing to pull out the cutest costumes to fill the trick-or-treat candy bags.

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Like the kids, adults too prepare for this time of the year, in a rather serious and scarier way to haunt their community and that is The All Hallow’s Eve. Pranksters would pull their craziest prank from wrapping a neighbors house with tissue paper to exploding bags of poop (EWWW). These pranksters don’t only aim for tons of candies but also cause heavy headaches to their community.

Among the successful pranksters are also those who failed on pulling their pranks too. And when we say failed, we meant badly failed. Results ended up being the scariest event in their life and we know (100%) they regretted this mistakes of their lives

So we’ve gathered Top 10 Pranks who went from funny to life-threatening. Warning, this might cause you discomfort so brace yourself.

10. Hanging Dummy Results in Fire Department Visit

“Hang on. Help has arrived.”

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When a family in North Carolina decided to hang a dummy in their roof. They made it look like a person who fell after cleaning. Badly, the family not only got the attention of their neighbors but also the fire department. The dummy looked like a real person in jeans and jacket and that what made the neighbor who was walking her dog made the call. The family was shocked when the fire department is outside their home, extending a ladder to help the dummy down the roof.

9. Police Assumed That A Man Was Killed by His Lawn Mower

“One of the Cops Attempted CPR”

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The same goes for the first family, this next family pulled a crazier one by putting a dummy underneath their ride-on lawnmower. The family even exerted effort as they sprinkled red liquid to make it look bloody. A neighbor who saw it in broad daylight unhesitantly called 9-1-1. Police then arrived and thought it was the real resident of the house until one of them tried to revive the dummy.

8. A Starbucks Robbery with A Sobber Robber

“They Ended up Confiscating His Awesome Costume”

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If you’re looking for the scariest evil costume, take it from a man in Michigan who simply dressed as an armed robber. The man was from a party. It was lit and good until he decided to walk home. Upon seeing Starbucks, the man decided to grab some coffee to sober up. The man was shocked when customers started screaming and the baristas fell on the floor. He ended up explaining himself to the police who released him after proofs of cash and innocence were presented. Of course without his costume, as the police took them.

7. Dad Pretends To Kill His Wife To Scare His Kids

“They Still Had Trust Issues Up To This Day”

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A Dad decided to put on a Michael Mayers mask from the move Holloween. He then strangles his wife (who was in on the prank) in front of their 6 and 8-year-old kids. The frightened kids knew what exactly to do as they dashed to their neighbor’s house who then called 911. There were no charges filed against the father but he had broken his children’s trust which he must mend throughout their years.

6. Teacher Bursts Into Classroom a Real Chainsaw

“$100, 000 Trick or Treat!”

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This prank not only injured and traumatized 15-yar-old kids but went to a lawsuit after a teacher prank resulted in an ugly stampede. The teacher wore a ski mask and a chainsaw who was planning to get his students real good. Parents filed lawsuits against the school which was then settled in court.

5. A Candlelight Dinner for 8,000 Homes Who Lost Power After a Boy Egged His Local Electric Station.

“It Was The Sound Of His Brain Being Fried”

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When a 15-year-old teen decided to pull the classic egg prank, he didn't settle for less. The boy went on to his local electric station and egged it. Egg splatters and rain caused an explosion which then resulted in a power interruption for 8,000 homes. The boy was then treated to his local hospital

4. Suing Neighbor for An Embarrassing Yard Display

"She Had The Last Laugh"

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Some jokes might get you in trouble like the prankster who put up tombstones saying "At 48 she had no mate, no date. It’s no debate, she looks 88". The tombstones were facing his neighbor who is a single lady in her late 40s. She sued the man of defamation, harassment, and emotional distress.

3. Man Wearing Sheep Costume Tragically Burnt

"Spoiled Brat"

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A Halloween partygoer in England decided to dress as a sheep. He was on a train on cotton balls covered costume together with his friends. His fellow traveler decided it might be fun to flick his lighter near the costume. The cotton caught the fire and burned the costume leaving the man seriously injured. Luckily the traveler who flicked his lighter is an heir to a huge estate who then used his money to pay the man's hospital bills.

2. Holloween Punch with Visine Eyes Drops Caused Death

"Sad But True"

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A woman accidentally killed her friend when she decided to put some Visine in her friend’s party drink. The woman thought that the Visine could only cause dizziness and ill-feeling. Unfortunately, Visine could cause serious respiratory problems for people who take it. The woman’s friend collapsed after drinking the mix and later on died. Other people from the party fell seriously ill too. The woman who pulled the prank was charged for misdemeanor assault causing bodily harm.

1. Teenager Accidentally Hangs Himself to Death

"Jordan was an honor student who plans to join the Marines after high school"

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A supposedly funny prank went tremendously wrong when a boy staged a suicide act on a tree in their front lawn to scare his sister. When the family arrived, they didn't take the boy’s situation as they believed it is one of his pranks. When the family noticed that, this time it wasn’t a prank anymore, it was already too late. They called the Paramedics who then tried to revive the boy. He went on to coma for Days but later on passed away.


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