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This Poor Pooch Walked 37 Miles Home After His Family "Accidentally" Left Him Behind

Dou-Dou was a 7-year-old pet who walked 37 miles from a gasoline station where he was “accidentally” left behind. It took him a month to be able to get home and be with his fur parents.

Correspondents, Qianjiang Evening News in China said that this loyal pooch was left at the service station along the road. This was when hey stopped to get fuel.

Dou-Dou’s miles of a journey started when his family decided to visit their relatives and traveled from Hangzhou City to the province. His owner who hides under the name Mr. Qui was the one who decided about this trip.

37 miles away from home, they decided to make a stop at the Tong Lu Service Station. They assumed that Dou-Dou stayed in the car.

Upon racing to their destination, the family found out Dou-Dou was missing. They rushed back to the station the next day and gave up hopes when they did not find Dou-Dou in the place.

They gave up after rushing back to the service station the next day and he wasn’t there.

“We hoped it would survive and find a good-hearted person who would adopt it,”

-said, Mr. Qiu

To their surprise, 26 days later Dou-Dou found its way home exhausted and tired from the month-long trip he took just to get back home.

‘Apart from being skinner than before, Dou-Dou was still the same self,’

‘Its eyes are radiating with lights. Luckily it didn’t have any injuries. Even though Dou Dou was tired and walking wobbly on the first day [after returning home], it has become a lot more energetic recently.’

‘We are still trying to understand dogs’ many behaviors,’

“But Dou-Dou can find home even from so far away. It has exceptional talents.”

Dou-Dou lost some weight after the perilous journey. He was dirty and he looked like a stray dog.

But, from the Netizen’s point of view, they are not convinced Mr. Qui “accidentally” lose Dou-Dou. Considering Dou-Dou’s noticeable size, any pet owner would immediately notice their dog was missing.

Instead, they believed Dou-Dou was intentionally abandoned by his owner. Seeing the fact that the owner “gave-up” looking for Dou-Dou on the 1st day of the search.

Accident or not, we are hoping Dou-Dou is in good hands. Hopefully, this accident will not happen to other pets also.


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