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The Truth Behind The Woman Whose Brain Got Punctured Because Of The Swab Test

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News has been spreading about a woman’s brain lining punctured and caused a leak in her nose by a nasal swab test, developing headache and vomiting.

Doctors of the University of Iowa hospital identified the fluid as cerebrospinal fluid, a fluid found in the protective lining around the brain and spine.

The 40-year-old woman had an undiagnosed condition called encephalocele - a rare disorder in which the bones of the skull do not close completely, creating a gap through which cerebral spinal fluid, brain tissues, and the meninges can protrude into a sac-like formation.

The woman has fully recovered. She could have developed a life-threatening infection from bacteria if she wasn't treated on time.

The brain has lots of layers of protection and is encased in a protective membrane and fluid. The blood-brain barrier is a tightly packed layer of cells that stops molecules circulating in the blood from passing into the brain.

According to Dr. Liz Coulthard, a committee member of the British Neuroscience Association (BNA), said that a swab cannot reach the blood-brain barrier without force that breaks several layers of tissue and bone.

The swab test is the only way of identifying who has and hasn’t got COVID. The false claim emerging on Facebook and any other social media brought horror to people that the idea made them not take the test.


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