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The Truth Behind The Student Who Burned His Modules

Over the last week, a TikTok video of a student who allegedly burned his learning modules went viral online. His video earned a lot of criticism and furious reactions from the Netizens. Mostly were from teachers who spent sleepless nights just to finish the modules. But, was it really a module that he burnt?

Screenshot Photo Credits: TikTok

Because of the current COVID-19 situation, still going on around the world, classes and gatherings are still suspended. That is to protect the children and adults from the virus.

It also keeps the virus from spreading from place to place.

To continue the learning progress of the students in the Philippines, DepEd opted to pursue online classes. Together with these are the modules that supplement the student’s lessons.

These modules doesn't take a day to finish, it consumes weeks to months to prepare and finish.

Aside from that, the teachers also spend days printing, compiling, and handing out the modules to their students. Some students live in hard to reach places like the mountains.

Also, not to mention the risks of being infected with the virus since they go out to places just to hand out these modules.

Photo Credits: Inquirer Net

But when a student posted a video on TikTok showing himself burning his modules while laughing and dancing, no wonder it earned countless reactions from Netizens especially from the teachers.

Most reactions were furious knowing how hard and tiring making a module is.

But was it really his modules that he burnt? Here’s his response to the public about his viral post.

TikTok Post: @marjoguilaran

In this video, he shows the paper that he burned was no modules at all. They’re scratch and random papers that looks similar to a module.

TikTok Post: @marjoguilaran

In this next video, he posted an apology regarding his inappropriate actions. This apology was addressed towards the teachers that he hurt the most.

Still, modules or not, what the student did was wrong. It may seem a joke to him but not to other people. Especially now that kids have access to internet connections, they might take the video seriously.

May this serve as a warning to everybody. Always think twice and responsibly before you post.

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