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Amidst the devastating typhoon Ulysses, this netizen has saved his car from the wreckage.

Back on November 11-12, Typhoon Ulysses flooded a lot of homes in the Luzon area leaving hundreds of Filipino weeping with the loss of their loved ones.

But this Youtube user, Daddy M’ Castro has made an amazing way to save his Mitsubishi Xpander from the flood with the help of a massive tarp.

Youtube video: Daddy M' Castro

The science behind this masterpiece was known as Archimedes’ principle, where an object will float provided that the amount of water it displaces is heavier than its actual weight. The case of Mitsubishi Xpander has managed to displace an amount of water heavier than the weight of the submerged portion of the vehicle.

Youtube video: Daddy M' Castro

However, the car doesn't necessarily float how you want it to. The majority of the vehicle’s weight will be placed on the front end, which will cause the car to tilt forward. Take also into consideration whether the car is front-or rear-wheel drive.

The tarp that should be used must take up the task because a small tear will be enough to let water in and the car needs to have an anchor so it will not float away.

Though this approach is not reliably safe or secure, the top priority should go down to be the safety of the household and the members of your home.


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