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The Red Beans: Your Neighborhood Go-To Pastry and Coffeeshop

Are you looking for a local coffee shop to get your caffeine fix? Worry no more! The Red Beans Coffeeshop is just right inside your neighborhood and they offer more than just brewed coffee!

What makes any local shops better? Aside from being able to indulge in the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee, you know that it uses locally grown coffee which means that you are supporting local farmers too!

It has been a tough year for many restaurants as they were forced to close their dining rooms or even shut down their businesses solely to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. But now, restaurants are slowly beginning to reopen their doors to the public and this means reopening their dining rooms and patios, while others have opted to just accept orders for takeout and delivery.

The Red Beans Coffeeshop has thrived despite the hurdles of the pandemic. The local coffee shop is located inside DEARBC Homes, a subdivision situated in Damilag, Bukidnon. Since last month, their physical store has been opened to the public and has started brewing since then. Their mini shop has been set up just right in front of the owner's place. Prior to establishing their physical store, Red Beans has already been serving its customers online since early 2017 by accepting made-to-order pastries and catering services.

About the owner:

Miss Michyl Delos Santos is an HRS graduate at Professional World Academy. She developed her interest in baking and culinary through her Aunt and Mom who are also fond of cooking. She started way back in 2017 as a home-based baker and cook. She also began accepting catering services and made to order cakes in the same year. She remained inspired to continue after her brand has slowly paved its way as well-loved freshly made home-made pastries and snacks.

According to Miss Michyl, the owner, the name "Red Beans" was inspired by a piece of bread in Hongkong where she has worked for almost a year. Her bewilderment at that piece of bread led her to name her own pastry business after it. However, this Red Beans (store) has more to offer. Aside from delectable pastries, they also offer more mouthwatering menus!

More about The Red Beans Coffeeshop:

If you are a resident of DEARBC Homes in Damilag and you are taking out your dog for an afternoon walk, or you just want to sweat off while walking in the park or just playing some games on the tennis court, this breather is perfect for you!

Our evening began with a sumptuous burger with two pillows of patties made of ground tasty meat topped with fresh lettuce, cheese, and dressing. Of course, burgers are always accompanied with fries that are a must-try especially the cheese flavored ones that will surely be included on your favorite list. They also serve "beefy fries" with melted cheese

and ground beef on top! They offer tasty snacks that include Nachos, Tempura, and Siomai.

If you are strolling out for a walk inside the subdivision's park with a group of friends, you can also treat them with their ‘Barkadahan Treats” at an affordable price or “Combination Treats” for yourself if you want to satisfy your cravings alone.

They also offer refreshments to satisfy your thirst. They offer milk tea with flavors to choose from— Cookies and cream, Okinawa, Chocolate, Caramel, Matcha, and many more. If you also prefer plain cold drinks, you can avail their cola, blue lemonade, cucumber juice, fruit juice, and freshly made fruit shakes!

With the scorching weather, many of us would fancy cold Filipino desserts, and what luck it is that they also serve mango tapioca, halo-halo, and coffee jelly!

The Red Beans Catering Services:

We all know that celebrating special occasions during this time will be made intimate and exclusive for families alone, and to make it even more special, you have to think of the best food to be served for your loved ones that are unique to their taste and something that could bring a smile to their faces. Aside from that, preparing all of those demands lots of time and energy, but you can just leave it all with The Red Beans as they also offer catering services!

Here's the menu for their catering services:

Chicken Lollipop, Beef Caldereta, Beef Steak, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Lasagna, Chicken Curry, Kinilaw Malasugi, Fried Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, and Buttered Shrimp. They also offer Lechon Belly! These are only a few of their delicious foods to offer. You may also want to request your favorite menu and it will be made for your satisfaction at an affordable price!

Pastries and more:

Pastries! Who doesn't like pastries, right? We always crave one especially cakes!

On whatever occasion worth celebrating, cakes have always been the cherry on top especially during birthdays! Birthdays are not special without cakes. Everybody is familiar with the likes of mango cake, ube cake, chocolate cake, and red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, and guess what? The Red Beans can compete with those pleasant cakes with delightful designs of your choice.

one of their must-try cakes is their Ube cake. This is not your ordinary Ube cake. It is layered with Ube halaya, ube mousse and delicately made simple but elegant cake design. Their Ube cake comes in many different variants, depends on their client request.

One of their best-selling too is the Chocolate Moist cake with dark ganache, Drip cake, Minimalist cake and there’s also Cheesecake topped with blueberries, originally a New-Yorker's favorite but now known to everyone.

You can also ask them to customize your cake according to your preferred design!

The banana loaf is common to Filipinos, but you won’t find it any better than the ones in Red Beans since its banana loaf is topped with dark chocolate chips and nuts! The taste of it was very delicious and it complements the freshly hot brewed coffee. Yes! They serve brewed coffee to warm up the night! They also serve cold ones!

The Red Beans also offer different flavors of cupcakes where the little cakes are frosted all over, not just on the top where each is frosted with fudge chocolate, buttercream that will surely delight your kid's tummy.

The Red Beans Coffeeshop is a memorable experience that you might want to experience too! Take some time to relax, treat yourself and your family without having to go too far, and enjoy delectables at the comfort of your home.

They do not only deliver food, but they also make sure that you get to gratify on your cravings, and you will find satisfaction through their food that is made with passion and love.

Visit The Red Beans Coffeeshop now and experience the taste of home!

Don't forget to follow the minimum health protocols! We also recommend that you try their delivery services to ensure your safety.

  • Always wear your face mask

  • Sanitize your hands

  • Keep a safe distance

The Red Beans Coffeeshop store hours:

Monday-Sunday 12:00-8:00 PM

Store Location:

Aquarius Street, DEARBC Homes Damilag, Manolo Fortich Bukidnon

Facebook Page:

You can also call them through their contact numbers for orders/delivery:


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