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The Mirror Artisan: Iligan Based Local Aesthetic Mirrors

aes·thet·ic /esˈTHedik/:


concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.


a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.


Interior designing improves over the course of time. It went through a lot of changes which ranges from industrial to modern styles. However, many people nowadays have gone back to the old trends. And one of the trending styles these days is aesthetic designs. Aesthetic designs are being applied in different subjects such as a way of dressing up, Instagram feeds, and even in mirrors. Yes! Mirrors!

Mirrors are useful every day, we might not be consciously aware of it but it is always part of our day-to-day hustle. It is beneficial in our daily ordinary lives. By the time we wake up, we would gaze at the mirror, as we prepare ourselves for sleep, we also get to check ourselves in the mirror. Mirrors have been a reflection of how we look, how we dress, and how we see ourselves, our imperfections, our flaws. Through mirrors, people are given the chance to appreciate the beauty that is surfaced around them. Even throughout a rough day, we can always check ourselves through mirrors. Wherever our feet would take us, mirrors are always there, inside the malls, inside the workplace, inside the comfort rooms. Mirrors are also different, some mirrors would only reflect faces, some would reflect the physical wholeness of a person. There are also mirrors that are only placed for decorations, there are some that are placed for personal use, some would be beneficial for all.

In the present time, aesthetic mirrors have become on-trend, and it is often seen on social media feeds not to mention Tiktok and Instagram! Celebrities are further using this type of mirror.

Aside from that being said, aesthetic mirrors are great to make your place look spacious and minimal, and it also makes an impressive backdrop and great for snapping selfies!

About the Owner:

Nigel Aaron Carpentero is a visual artist that has eyes for beautifying and styling empty spaces. He is also the Co-Manager at Shop Silky Lifestyle that combines modern and vintage fashion that is based in Edmonton, Canada. He also works as a Visual Artist at Robinsons Department Store Iligan.

His love for art and his love for customer satisfaction have pushed him to establish The Mirror Artisan.

Mirrors are not just a decoration, it holds a deep meaning. Mirrors can elicit intense emotions in us, but they can also be extremely effective instruments for shifting our viewpoint and revealing aspects of ourselves that are often hidden when we gaze out into the real world.

As a result of the quarantine, people are stuck at home. While others have become plantitos and plantitas, others have also opted to redecorate their homes and make better interior choices. But isn't it nice to redecorate our personal spaces with a dainty mirror?

If you have been redecorating your space, you have to consider the following pieces!

The Mirror Artisan's Best Selling Designs

Looking in the mirror is often associated with narcissism or feelings of inadequacy, but learning to view oneself in the mirror can also promote self-compassion, stress management, and emotional resilience. All the more if your mirror's aesthetic reflects your self-expression. These mirrors are just so minimal and Instagram-worthy!

If you want your place to look rustic, pleasing, and instagrammable, this must be added to your interior piece! It adds a lot of beauty and class! This could be a great addition to your interior designing ideas.

Photo/ The Mirror Artisan

Arch aesthetic full-body-length mirrors

Arc full-body-length mirrors are a must-have! You can also see these types of mirrors being placed in a local coffee shop, it can also be used for live-selling or backdrops for selling online clothes. Or if you simply just want your room to look spacious and stylish, this one would really suit you!

Below are feedbacks from satisfied clients after purchasing the arch aesthetic full-body-length mirrors:

These kinds of feedbacks drives the owner all the more to provide products that are of high quality.

We all want to have that one mirror in our room that could make all the difference!

This one looks so chic! Perfect to showcase your outfit of the day!

That's the beauty of arch mirrors, it is elegant, and it changes one's mood. It simply changes one's selfie from being dull to being attractive to one's eye.

There's nothing more perfect than being in a room full of books and an arc full-body-length mirror. This is definitely the comfort we all need!

What makes The Mirror Artisan stand out from others in the Market

You might have wondered, there are lots of plain mirrors being sold in stores, but what makes The Mirror Artisan different among them all?

Aside from being aesthetic, The Mirror Artisan produces high-quality mirrors. This is to assure satisfaction from customers and make them feel valued. The Mirror Artisan can also make designs according to your style preference, if you're planning to get a Pinterest-inspired mirror, you can also get one. They also offer customization and sizes of your liking. You just have to shoot them a message!

If you're tired of taking boring mirror selfies, then this next piece is really for you!

If you are also fond of taking selfies in the mirror, this one is perfect for you! You can just hang it on the wall and voilà! A masterpiece is hanged!

This August, they will be releasing this beautiful handmade Mandala Macrame Mirror in collaboration with a local artist. There are different designs and colors to choose from! Their color palette for this new design would be nude. Exciting, isn't it? Stay updated by following their social media handles below.

Perfect for your selfies and full-face make-over!

Check out from The Mirror Artisan to complete your Aesthetic Fashion and Homestyle.

Services Offered:

For design and price reference:

You can also send them a private message for the full-price listing.

Here's how you can order:


Complete Address:

Contact Number:

Designs/ Size:

Payment: Gcash/Bank Transfer

BPI Account Number 9359447083

Nigel Aaron Carpentero

Gcash 09171683816


IG: @themirrorartisan

FB: The Mirror Artisan

You can just send an order form to any of their social media handles!

Visit their Instagram and Facebook Handles:



Facebook Page:

The Mirror Artisan

Book for orders now! You can also visit them here:

Where is The Mirror Artisan Located?

In the meantime, The Mirror Artisan has no physical store yet but you can visit them at the pinned location below to check their mirrors on-site. They also accept deliveries!

Del Carmen, Iligan City

Get Directions

They are open from: Monday - Saturday 9:00am - 6:00pm 9:00am - 6:00pm 9:00am - 6:00pm 9:00am - 6:00pm 9:00am - 6:00pm

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