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The Meaning Behind the Viral RC Cola Commercial

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The viral commercial of RC Cola made viewers in awe and even disturbed as it shows a boy being bullied in his school for being adopted. He went home in anguish and asked his mother why he had four empty glasses stuck at his back. The mother then starts to cry as she stares at the four glasses on his son’s back.

The mother then removes her scarf and pulls her head up to reveal a bottle of RC cola being attached to her neck. She also puts ice inside the glasses, bends her body, and pours the RC cola in each of the glasses. When the other family members arrived, they then happily take a sip from the four glasses stuck on the boy’s back.

The art of the commercial made it hard for others to figure out why it was made that way, others were also mad as to how the commercial addressed adoption.

You may have also asked the same thing as to why did this ad come up with this concept.

The co-founder of Gigil, the agency behind the TVC, Herbert Hernandez just said that everything in the commercial revolved around the word “basta”. He said that drinking soft drinks is not benefit-driven, there isn’t enough reason why people drink soda.

He made clear that the target audience is the Gen Z. Hernandez says “Dapat hindi naman namin i-e-explain”. It was the strategy in the very first place. But he felt like there is a need to explain now because people are putting different meanings beyond what they wanted to address or portray. He also addressed the sensitive issue of “adoption” or being “ampon”.

Hernandez explains “The direction was unconditional love”. But why does the character have to be an 'ampon'?

“The direction was unconditional love. Kasi kailangan namin i-set-up ’yong unconditional love no’ng mom na kahit ampon siya, pero binigay sa kanya ang lahat. Binuhos ng nanay niya lahat para sa anak niya. Kailangan i-set-up para ipakita ang acceptance, ang unconditional love. Kahit hindi sila magkadugo, mahal niya.” explains Hernandez. He even added that the different looks of the characters will establish the story visually.

He even pointed out that it was an ad and not a movie wherein they can establish so there’s a need for viewers to understand directly the portrayal. He even highlighted that the point of the ad is to convey acceptance and love despite being “ampon” or adopted.

Before it was aired, the team even consult mental health advocate that told them that now is the time to launch the ad because people are so bombarded with COVID and they don’t want to consume anything that is COVID related.

The team under the viral commercial received both good and bad criticisms but Hernandez says that the last say will always be from the client and he even adds that the client is very happy with it.

The story behind the commercial will leave people astounded by the creator’s creative mind.


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