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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 2 Centered on the COVID-19 Pandemic

ABC’s “ The Good Doctor” Season 4, concludes with its second episode: “Frontline Part 2”. The said episode was aired last November 9, 2020. The pandemic has been taking over the lives of many, some are already exhausted, however, the executive producers of this show Daniel Dae Kim, David Shore explained the reason behind bringing up the COVID-19 in the episode.

“To be a medical show in 2020 and have the worst pandemic in a century hitting us, it only seems right that we would address it in some way,” added Dae Kim. “I think everyone is looking at our front line workers and seeing them in a whole new light, and that’s something that can only help our show. Because that’s in line with how we see our cast—as heroes.”

To cap it off, in this second episode we get the opportunity to see how Dr. Shaun Murphy

and the rest of our front liners are handling the COVID-19, how much they struggle, and apply their expertise to help people survive. The storyline doesn’t just focus on the virus, it also gives light and hopes that things will get better ahead of us.

The plot of this COVID premiere is that it traverses into Morgan’s misdiagnosis of a COVID-19 patient which then led to fatal consequences of its hospital’s nurse, Petringa.

Morgan recovered after getting sick while Petringa did not.

On the other side, Claire has been seeing the late Dr. Melendez guiding her. Claire has also tracked down the owner of dog tags she found in the room of the deceased patients’ belongings.

In a heartbreaking scene, a patient in his intensive-care hospital bed receives bad news about how COVID is attacking his lungs, however, a loud celebration is suddenly heard outside the room as hospital staff celebrate another patient's discharge from the hospital after surviving the virus.

The same is also felt by our front liners and even normal people. It highlights the fact that COVID-19 is terrible and truly uncomfortable to begin with, but it cannot be ignored. The battle continues and our hopes shall continue to rise.

The episode has quickly shifted after focusing on the COVID-19’s exhausting and draining reality and has returned to the common Good Doctor episodes. Would you dare to watch this depressing episode?


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