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Sympawny: Turn your Beloved Pet into Musical Masterpieces

sym·paw·ny /ˈsimpônē/

noun a musical composition in which each work is original, custom-made, and does not follow any predefined standards in terms of instrumentation, mixing animal illustrations for full orchestra.


Have you ever wondered what your pet would sound like if it were a piece of classical music—or if you're simply a music-loving pet parent? Well, you're in luck!

Naom Oxman, a composer who specializes in spectacular animal soundtracks has created incredible musical pictures of cats, dogs bunny bunnies, and other furry companions. They are being put to music, and they sound as wonderful as they seem.

According to Daily Paws, these animal soundtracks were created by Oxman are called "Sympawnies" to combine his passions for music, animals, and drawing. He studied composition and music theory at the Jerusalem Academy of Dance and Music. He also helps with rescue animals and volunteers at animal shelters. He and his partner are pet parents to three cats, O'Malley, Mazie, and Michael. They all have their own "sympawny," by the way.

Oxman was inspired by J.S. Bach's distinctive, stylized handwriting style. Bach's musical hand was flamboyant, contoured, and held concealed symbols and meanings at times.

This is one example of Oxman's work, Adogio for Piano no.1 in G major — a musical score, composed to match the shape of Julia, the kind, gentle, majestic dog. It is an original 3 minutes piece for solo piano, inspired by the baroque 'french overture' style as well as some classical styles, in an attempt to reflect majestic Julia's character.

The opening motive with 1/32th rhythmic gesture, which is inspired by the baroque french overture style is repeated several times throughout the piece. This rhythmic gesture helps to establish a 'majestic/royal' atmosphere. On the second system, this motive gets a 'Chopinian' orchestration with grandiose voicing on the right hand, rapid arpeggios on the left hand, and expanded harmonies, which enriches the majestic feeling. The motive continues to develop until it arrives in a classical-style summing part (systems 4-5), which leads to the recapitulation on the second bar of the 6th system. In this piece, I tried to reflect Julia's kindness, gentleness, gracefulness, intelligence, and majesty all at once.

All the notes and text that appear in the score to create Julia's figure match exactly the music you hear. No note/beam/slur/musical-text is there just for visual reasons. What you see is what you hear.

Each piece lasts between 30 and three minutes and may be accessed by scanning the QR code at the bottom of the artwork. While the majority of the works are for cats and dogs, Oxman can also create pet portraits for other animals, such as this beautiful bunny.

Allegro Moderabbit in Eb major for solo trumpet.

This piece was commissioned by Naom Oxman's good friends Jo and Eszter for their sweet daughter, Emilia, who adores rabbits! Her father, Jo, is a trumpet player so the instrumentation for this piece was obvious.

It is a miniature musical piece in a distinctive baroque style but with a little twist that came from the shape of the rabbit - the meter is 5/8. The melody is rather bouncy - like a rabbit.

The picture and shape of the animal have the greatest impact on Oxman's compositions. However, the animal-loving artist also tries to capture the essence of the creature through song. He compares "lush harmonies and voices" to a cat's hair and characterizes a tune as "very bouncy—like a bunny" when he posts the compositions online.

Our cat-loving composer also claims that the musical language he employs in his symphonies is based on Baroque and Classical traditions because of the freedom and expression they give.

Another Oxman's work String Quartcat no.1 in C major - a 30x40cm musical score composed to match the shape of Michael, the graceful cat. It is an original 1.5 minutes piece, spread over 4 unequal musical systems, orchestrated for string quartet.

The first motive, introduced in the first system, is arranged in the form of a fugue in an attempt to capture Michael's gracefulness. Then the second motive appears on the 1st bar of the 2nd system in a free form and develops through the system. The recapitulation and the coda on the last two systems, using the material of the 1st motive and arranged with lush harmonies and voicing, pairs with Michael's lush chest fur.

If you're still not persuaded that this is the finest pet present ever, consider that each piece is titled after a musical pet pun like 'Moderabbit', 'Adogio' or 'Quarcat.'

What a beautiful way to unite your loves. Oxman is available for commissions if you have a furry or feathery pet you'd want to immortalize through song. Oxman stated, roughly 20% of Sympawnies' revenues are given to help feed and rescue stray cats. On Sympawnie's Facebook and Instagram, you may purchase your own musical pet image, or listen to the whole Sympawnie collection on YouTube.

Source: Classic FM

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