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Solar windows made out of used crops invented by Filipino student to aid farmers hit by calamity

Carvey Maigue with his invention. Photo credit Mapua University

Carvey Ehren Maigue, a student of Mapua University, makes it for the Global Top 20 final stage of Dyson Awards 2020 for his invention “AuREUS” or Aurora Renewable Energy and UV Sequestration Systems. It is a sustainable window designed to harness UV light and convert it to sustainable, renewable, and clean electricity with the use of recycled crops which somehow reduces farmer’s loss.

It also supports better access to solar energy while also helping the local agriculture industry that was struck by successive calamities.

The invention was inspired by how the Aurora Borealis or the Northern lights were made. Since the invention gets ultraviolet, it can produce electricity even if it is not faced directly to the sun. In urban settings, the AuREUS will be more suitable and allows access to clean and renewable electricity.

Since the invention absorbs UV light, it is safer for people both indoors and outdoors. The use of local fruits and vegetable dye is also being focused on as it might be key particles for enabling the technology.

This invention is a gem. It is both renewable and it truly helps not just the environment but the farmers that benefit from it. Kudos to the inventor!


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