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Sneak Peek: Upcoming Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel Rooms

Photo by Disney Parks

Are you a fan of Star Wars? Be mesmerized by the jaw-dropping hotel room reveal made by Disney as they take you to a whole new galactic experience. The new Galactic Stracruiser inspired by the famous hit “Star Wars” is going to open its door soon while it is still on the rise at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Photo by Disney Parks

Disney has provided additional renderings of the rooms upon the hotel that is known as the Halcyon. According to their previous post, you need to check-in for the night as a group, just similar to how it works at the Disney Cruise Line. You need to go through a small process. First, you will go in via the terminal, then you will enter a launch pod, and that’s when you get to board the Halcyon. Disney’s update from this galactic cruise shows us the perception of how it’s going to look like once you get inside the cabin.

The room design is intended to look like you are taking abide inside a real Star Wars cruiser! It features what Star Wars is popular for-- its signature orange and cream design and inter-galactic vibe and you will have an amazing view of the outer space just inside the room. There are also control panels on the TV to make it surreal as if you are taking off the ship for a cosmic adventure. On the two-day, two-night experience, you’ll learn how to maneuver a lightsaber, hang out in the glamorous Silver C lounge as if you’re in the area, sneak into the engineering room, and you can also choose how to move along during your whole adventure!

Exciting as it sounds, it is still tentative as to when the hotel opens and how expensive the ticket will be. Hang in there and always keep an update as you will be living your Star Wars dreams anytime soon!

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