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SHARELEBRATION; A New Way to Celebrate Special Occasions

Photo courtesy of NVC | Manila Bullettin

Throughout this crisis, we are facing right now, celebrating occasions especially birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and more is something we can’t put on hold. It is so special that we can never miss it.

This new way of celebration was seen through social media posts and stories from the celebrant and it is called a “Sharelebration”.

Photo courtesy from Instagram @nvcfoundation

As the word suggests, “Sharelebration” is to share blessings to celebrate a special day. Celebrants can donate, feed children within the neighborhood, or provide tools and supplies to the poor communities. Although this is not new, we always see celebrities or politicians donating money to the communities as a way to celebrate their birthdays.

Photo courtesy from Instagram @nvcfoundation

The Negrense Volunteers for Change (NVC) which headed by founder Millie Locsin Kilayko have said “Sharelebration” started during the lockdown by people who are looking for meaningful ways to celebrate.

While we were all cooped up with lockdowns and quarantines, NVC became busier than ever because there was just so much to do: produce PPE’s, feed hungry children, provide meal bags to families who lost their income due to the pandemic. I guess that made us visible, and so when people began to search for meaningful ways to celebrate despite being disallowed from physical celebrations, we were approached by people who needed a new “venue” to celebrate. While this option was always availed by many in the past, we thought of coining a word for this, and the word was ‘Sharelebration’,”, Millie Locsin Kilayko said via Manila Bullettin.

A couple also sharelebrated their wedding by funding PPE’s for medical frontliners. Sharelebration also became viral on social media by underwriting the cost of repairing the house of someone’s roof that's leaking and in two months it attracted more birthday celebrants that 18 houses have been sponsored through sharelebration.

NVC also manufactures Mingo, nutritious complementary food made of rice, mongo, and malunggay. It also comes in a powder form that creates porridge or drink for infants and toddlers but also for older children in the area that can be often eaten straight from the sachet.

Photo courtesy of NVC | Manila Bullettin

Through NVC a seven-year-old girl has asked her ninongs and ninangs that normally give her presents that she would rather that they donate for Mingo Meals instead for a present for her and she collected over 1,385 meals.

Instragram post by @nvcfoundation

Mingo Meals was the most popular sharelebration by sponsoring kids for six-months feeding and The Feeding Force meal bags for families. Mingo Meals feeding module provides complimentary food to children aged 6-60 months in poor communities and as of October 15, there are 34,556 children enrolled in the Mingo Meals nutrition program.

Photo courtesy of NVC | Manila Bullettin

With its popularity, the feeding program defined the foundation's vision of freedom from hunger and poverty. If you’d like to donate and “sharelebrate” visit and send a message through the NVC website


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