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Regeneron; The "CURE" for COVID According to President Trump

"A Gift from God" - the cure for the virus, according to President Donald Trump, referring to the Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Drug.

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In the previous week, we recall the event where President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for COVID-19. An announcement was made on Twitter by the US President himself.

Specialists are now announcing a spike in inquiries by patients for the COVID- 19 probationary mixed drink. This was a result of the Presidents statements about the drug.

Clinical specialists have brought up that the medication, Regn-Cov2 is still too early for testing to affirm that it can help treat Covid-19. Still, two specialists who engaged with the preliminary test of the medication revealed to Reuters that more patients are requesting to take a part in the experiments.

Regeneron declared that it presented an application to the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) for approval of the medication on Wednesday. Hours after Trump commended the medication. This is a mixed drink blend of two antibodies intended to help the resistance framework in battling the infection.

“The politics of the situation would suggest to me that the story could be Trump gets COVID … then American technology fostered by the Trump administration cures COVID,”

“I would think there would be pressure on regulators [to approve the drug],”

- said Dr. Dirk Sostman, head of the examination network at Houston Methodist Hospital, preliminary site for Regeneron's immune response program.

Regeneron stated that they already have enough doses for 50,000 patients and would have enough for 300,000 patients in the coming months after Trump said that "several thousand" were prepared for use. According to the organization, 275 patients partake in the primary period of the medication preliminary.

Johns Hopkins University indicated that the US has more than 7.5m affirmed instances of Covid-19 and more than 212,000 individuals have passed on because of the disease.

Regeneron said that under 10-individuals have been given its medication under the guidelines. Since the medication is in trials, it is just accessible to patients who are acknowledged in the preliminary. With endorsements from the FDA, drug organizations can offer a treatment to patients not taking an interest in preliminaries under "humane use" rules, which are intended to make medicines open to patients with a dangerous condition that has no elective treatments accessible.

Tweet Credits to @DrRobDavidson concerning the Drug’s safety

The medication is the only most recent therapy that President Trump is promoting. Without proof from clinical specialists, it is important to affirm a treatment is effective and efficient.

President Trump reported he was taking the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine trying as prevention for Covid-19. After evidence of the hydroxychloroquine being ineffective against COVID-19, FDA has revoked its emergency authorization for the drug.


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