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Phillips Christian School Opens Its Door For Academic Year 2022-2023

If you’re around Manolo Fortich or Libona, Bukidnon, and looking for a school to enroll your pre-school or elementary learner, then you are fortunate because Phillips Christian School is finally within your reach and it is open for enrollment for the academic year 2022-2023.

PCS adapts an independent learning process that enables learners to take control of their studies. They allow students on different levels to learn at their own pace and instead of receiving information through the teacher's filter.

Students learn to be responsible for their own learning.

In addition to its independent learning PCS also adapted the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) Curriculum. With the use of the curriculum’s self-instructional, Packets of A.C.E. Curriculum (P.A.C.E) students were able to learn with minimal supervision. With the help of this tool, the roles of the teachers have been replaced by supervisors. And with minimal supervision learners were able to receive individualized, one-on-one support while learning.

The school also prides itself on its reading development courses. This course allows learners to develop mastery in reading and writing. With this program,

PCS guarantees that each learner will learn how to read before entering the elementary level.

Aside from its academic purposes, PCS is also an academic institution that revolves around Christian Education. The foundation of Phillips Christian School is the idea that Christian education is a genuine form of education. This concept is supported by the fact that only Christian education approaches all aspects of life from a biblical perspective. Aside from its system of learning,

PCS also prides itself on its Biblical self-instructional curriculum, and ministry opportunities for students.

The school also adheres to the health protocol provided by the government in order to comply with the necessary standards in transitioning back to face-to-face classes. With its compliances, they guarantee the safety of your children for the Academic Year 2002-2023.

Enrollment is now open until September 15, 2022, at Phillips Christian School located at New Corrales, Camp Phillips, Agusan Canyon, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon.

For more inquiries, you can contact them through their official Facebook page, Phillips Christian School, or contact them through these numbers: 0963-952-4723 or 0917-431-0220.

What are you waiting for? Enroll now and make a difference one child at a time!

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