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No More Science Fiction—AirCar: The First-Ever Flying Car flew Between Two International Airports

Welcome to the future, where science fiction has become a reality with the historic inaugural flight of the First-Ever Flying Car between two cities!

The AirCar, a flying vehicle that combines the advantages of an aircraft and a standard car, took another step toward series production, completing a 35-minute flight from Nitra International Airport to Bratislava International Airport on June 28, 2021.

This was developed by the Company KleinVision with its Founder and CEO is Stefan Klein. He has spent the last two decades working to make his flying automobile a reality. Currently, he is working on the AirCar flying prototype which was successfully tested at Nitra Airport in October 2019.

At 6:05 a.m., Klein Vision's patent-protected AirCar made its 142nd successful landing in Bratislava. After landing, the airplane converted into a sports car in under three minutes and was driven to downtown Bratislava by its inventor, Professor Stefan Klein, and co-founder, Anton Zajac, reducing the average trip time in half.

"Professor Štefan Klein is a world leader in the development of user-friendly flying cars." Branko Sarh, Senior Technical Fellow for Boeing Co.

"Automated transformation from road vehicles to the aircraft and back, with retractable wings and tail section, is not just the result pioneering enthusiasm, innovative spirit and courage, is a product of excellent engineering and professional knowledge" he added.

The AirCar Prototype 1 has a BMW engine with a 160-hp output, a fixed propeller, and a launch safety parachute. AirCar has completed more than 40 hours of test flights under the supervision of the Freight Forwarder's Civil Aviation Division, including abrupt twists, 45-degree tilts, stability, and maneuverability tests. AirCar Prototype 1 flew at a height of 2500 meters and a top speed of 190 kilometers per hour.

The pre-production AirCar Prototype 2 will be powered by a 224kW (300 hp) engine and will have EASA CS-23 certification as well as a category M1 road clearance. Prototype 2 has an adjustable propeller and a cruising speed of 300 km/h, with a range of 1000 km.

"This flight marks the beginning of a real era of dual vehicles. It opens a new category of transport and returns people the freedom that was originally attributed to the car," said Professor Klein after his speech from the cockpit of AirCar in Bratislava.

"AirCar is no longer just a confirmation of a concept, a flight of 2,500 meters at a speed of 190 kilometers per hour turns science fiction into reality.” adds Anton Zajac, co-founder of Klein Vision.

See how the AirCar completes the world's first inter-city fly in the video below.

Klein Vision has stated that the AirCar is intended to take a share of the aviation business, not the vehicle sector, and Morgan Stanley thinks that the flying car market will be worth over a trillion dollars in the next 20 years, akin to the previous boom in private spaceflight.

Klein Vision intends to improve the power of their prototype engine, giving it a top cruising speed of 186 miles per hour.

It is not the role of science fiction to foresee the future. Rather, it considers various futures, and we can clearly see the future is here with the AirCar: The First-Ever Flying Car, thanks to Fast Accelerating Technology.


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