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nCov: Here's Why Should you NOT be afraid about the Wuhan Novel Corona Virus

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Since the outbreak of the Wuhan Novel Corona Virus at the height of the Chinese New Year celebration (Declaring to quarantine more than 30 Million population), the report spread panic and fear to Filipino citizens from the Philippines. The panic has snowballed after the DOH confirmed two(2) nCov cases in the country and first (1st) nCov death outside China on the 2nd of February.

The country has just faced a wave of challenges after the eruption of Mt. Taal (Bulkang Taal) on the last 12th of January. The volcanic eruption has affected thousands of Filipinos, leaving their homes and livelihood to escape from the fierce volcanic activities.

The phenomena affected the neighboring cities and regions from the dangerous volcanic ashes emitted by the Mt. Taal. Even though the Philippine government has not failed to support the affected citizens, anger and hatred have spread all over the social media. Pictures of the overpriced mask have been captured and posted online.

Celebrities are not exempted from the fiery eyes of the netizens. Luis Manzano was recently allegedly bashed by netizen from posting what they think an overly priced face mask. From which Luis patiently answer and clarify the allegations to be false and full of judgment.

Netizens also supported the actor and said that the actor is selling a high-quality mask and not like a standard surgical mask.

Along with the anger being stirred online is the fact that people are in panic buying as much face mask as they can, ignoring its overpriced tag. Most pharmacies are also out of stock all over the country.

Although the DOH has warned the public not to panic and do the preventive measures to protect themselves from the possible contact of the virus, these do not ease the fear of the Filipino people.

An episode was released by Young Mumsy Show Podcast of why we should not fear about the virus.

The episode talks about the possibility of being infected after taking the preventive measures that are NOT in anyone's control. But instead, pray and ask God for protection and healing for all the infected people. It also talks about how we should look at this from a positive perspective as a reminder of trusting our worries to God because He is in control.

You can listen to the entire episode here:

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