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Mulan; Is it Completely Bad as People Say?

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Mulan is one of the anticipated films of the year. A lot of people already built their expectations for the film but the question is, did it meet our expectations? or does it shatter our childhood dreams?

For the past few years, Disney was turning our fantasies to reality by making these live-action movies from our beloved childhood stories and Mulan was one of our favorites.


The Mulan we grew up with comes with a musical, child-friendly, and fun film but this 2020 film was not one of them. Mushu didn’t come out to the movie but was replaced by a phoenix which guided Mulan through her ventures intended more to focused in portraying a classic tale that showcases more of the Chinese culture and folk song “Ballad of Mulan”, composed during the Northern Wei and first featured in an anthology from the 12th century. Also believed that the story of Mulan may be fictional, brought only as an inspiration to women through the time.

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The movie may not turn out to be what we expected it to be and some may be disappointed watching it but we couldn’t blame them especially when you have high expectations from Disney to stick to the story we grew up to. We look forward to seeing Mushu and sing the famous hits from the 1998 film but this was a more serious, edgy, action packed movie and the cinematography also did well. It may not exceed our expectations but if you take a look at the positive side it was a pretty good movie. I was also a bit skeptical at first, after learning people didn’t like it but to my surprise, it was actually good. I may not rewatch it in the near future but I cannot say it is truly a bad movie after all.

Watch some of the reactions from Youtubers:

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