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Mini EV made of recyclable materials and swappable batteries

Photo credit Renault

A new electric vehicle from the French automaker Renault is now on the trend. The new mobility, energy, and data services brand made by Renault is called “Mobilize” and for its introduction, it comes with the catchy EZ-1 compact EV prototype.

The brand highlights users sharing the EZ-1 by using and paying for it only when needed. The electric vehicle is a two-seater and is only 7.5 feet long. The vehicle also has glass doors from top to bottom which makes it more visible for the ones inside the car. It is made from 50% recycled materials that are also 95% recyclable at the end of its life and has a battery exchange system to avoid charging from time to time. The car is built to be resourceful and to eliminate the use of waste materials.

Aside from being eco-friendly, this vehicle only let the users pay only when they use the car. This car doesn’t need a key, users just have to connect it with the use of smartphones.

The battery of this car is also exchangeable which only means that the battery is good for swapping out for a fresh one and it reduces the time that the vehicle can’t be used because it’s being charged.

Mobilize is also considering creating a range of electric vehicles that could suit different needs. Who wouldn’t love a sustainable electric vehicle that could satisfy the users’ need?

Photo credit Renault

Mobilize EZ 1 Prototype with Patrick Lecharpy, Mobilize Design director.


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