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LOOK: Unrecognizable Latest Pictures Of Manila Will Leave You Mesmerized

The latest photos of Manila not only reminded us how beautiful the Philippines is, but it also showed us what a nation could achieve when united.

Stunning photos of Manila surprised and amazed Filipinos all around the world. Places were unrecognizable after the rehabilitation and cleanup projects.

Some of the places shown were structures from the Philippines’ early years. These places were kept preserved and maintained as it holds a tale and importance in the country. These is a great effort in preserving Philippines' rich and valuable history.

While other places show the beauty and history of the Philippines, others took part in the modernization of the country. Pictures showcase the advancement of our transportation that carries us from our home to our destinations.

As the years went by, some places were left unnoticed, forgotten, and neglected. Well, not anymore. Beauty and marvel shone after clean up drives were facilitated in these places.

One of the contributing factors of this cleanup progress is the recent pandemic in which people were advised to stay at home, the lesser people, lesser garbage.

Photo Credits: Ace Valerio | DimitriValencia | Bryan Sayo | Discover ASEAN

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