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Leo Jaraula: A Successful JobStarter in AVC Studio

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Unemployment is one of the numerous difficulties that Filipinos are familiar with, and it impacts the youth on a whole new level.

This is the story of how Leo Cadavoz Jaraula, a Northern Bukidnon Community College alumnus with a Bachelor of Education major in General Curriculum, found a job despite having no prior work experience.

As we all know, getting a job demands experience, and the majority of these experiences can only be earned through previous employment - a challenge commonly faced by new graduates like Leo.

Leo is technically inexperienced. We can't blame the employers for refusing to hire him; after all, no one wants to entrust their firm or business to an inexperienced employee. Although there are a few firms who are ready to take the risk of hiring an inadequate candidate, finding such employers is like finding a needle in a haystack.

To be more specific, Leo was stuck in an infinite circle of "you can't get a job without experience and you can't obtain experience without a job" as a first-time job seeker. And as a result of this ideology, the youth employment rate is low or non-existent.

Leo went through all of these trials and tribulations in his search for a source of income, and things only became worse when the pandemic strikes. Some may believe that his college diploma offers him an advantage. However, employment is not solely based on theory; it also necessitates real experience. And as a recent graduate, he is lacking in this area.

It's not as simple as waving your CV and bragging about your academic achievements when applying for a job. When they ask for your work experience or records, no matter how well you explain yourself in your Curriculum Vitae or how well you write your application letter, your chances will always be slim. These experiences, after all, are the true test of who you are and how well you perform in the field. Finding work was difficult before the pandemic, and it became even more difficult after the outbreak.

He was doubting his odds of finding work in the back of his mind, knowing that many firms and establishments had been forced to close, and many people had lost their employment. Also, keep in mind that those employees were veterans or experts in their fields, so how can a first-time job seeker like him compare himself to them? This pandemic added to the mounting pressure on inexperienced job seekers like Leo.

Leo, on the other hand, was fortunate enough to learn about a program that provides unemployed youth with Life and Technical Skill Training. He was overwhelmed when he learned of the collaboration between PESO Manolo Fortich and the Department of Labor and Employment to implement the JobStart Program in Manolo Fortich.

So he took a chance and applied for a job as a content writer at the most difficult company to break into. In reality, he overheard a lot of depressing words during the interview. They claim that applying to the company will be a waste of time because only four trainees will be accepted. Furthermore, the post for which he has been vying is only available for one trainee, and if we do the math, one trainee out of 100+ candidates reduces his chances to less than 1%. Despite this, he participated the Jobstart Job fare with only one company in mind, the AVC Studio. Bringing only one resume with the company name on it, he made up his mind to get into the only company that aligns his interests and passion. He summoned the bravery to compete with more than 30 applicants to be interviewed by the Co-founder and Chief of Operations of AVCreativity Studio, Mrs. Sarah Jane Asok.

To cut the chase, he was fortunate enough to land the job and become part of AVCreativity Studio.

He was absorbed by AVCreativity Studio as a Content Writer after 5 months in the JobStart Philippines Program and currently works as an Admin, handling clients like Global Leaders, Sought-after Speakers, Best-Selling Authors, Successful Entrepreneurs, and Celebrities like Lisa Borders, Guitar Zoom, Jo Ellen, Kristin Weitzel, and many others.

The AVCreativity Studio believes that,

Everyone has their own unique geniuses and the lack of a Diploma or Job experience does not define your qualifications.

Although the company has been known globally for its high value for quality and professionalism, the AVC Studio firmly believes that every expert was once a beginner.

Leo first shared his success story during his graduation from the JobStart Philippines Program.

and now for the second time around he shares his success story during the Jobstart 2022 Orientation Planning for Jobstart Program Implementers (VisMin Clusters).

Together with the presence of ASEC. Dominique Rubia-Tutay, Director of DOLE X, Ms. Estrella Pahalla, Bureau of Local Employment Representatives, Municipal Administrator Engr. Joie Ceasar Gaid, PESO Managers of Manolo Fortich, Sir Roger Molina and Cagayan de Oro, Ma'am Kathleen Sorilla, and VisMin Cluster.

The experience that he attained through the Jobstart program reminds him of the saying, "Luck isn't a thing, luck happens when opportunity meets preparation".

Because he believes that no matter how well equipped we are for work, if we are not given the opportunity, we would never be able to find work. Having the opportunity but coming unprepared is the same thing.

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