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K11 Art: The World’s First Meme Museum in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, an art exhibition highlights the history of old and modern online memes. Temporary tattoos, photo booths with bespoke memes, and a 4D interactive zone are all available to visitors.

The "meme museum" opened in July with the help of the meme website 9GAG.

A new show in Hong Kong puts memes front and center. The show billed as the world's first Meme Museum, will run through early September.

According to K11 Art Mall's Instagram page, it has seven main areas that highlight the internet's most famous inside jokes. By hosting exhibits on its shopping grounds,

The seven-story mall in Tsim Sha Tsui hopes to "bring art back into everyday life."

The exhibition debuted in July with the help of 9GAG, a Hong Kong-based meme-sharing network.

Visitors can walk down a "time tunnel" to see the history of memes via rows of TV screens.

The exhibits feature some of Hong Kong's most popular jokes, as well as international classics like the doge, "distracted boyfriend," and Rick rolls.

Recent memes, such as Japanese artist Piko Taro's pen-pineapple-apple-pen and the "disappointed cricket fan," who tweeted his excitement at being featured, are also highlighted. The Pakistani man's enraged response to a dropped ball during the 2019 Cricket World Cup went viral.

A temporary tattoo station with meme prints, picture booths that create personalized memes, and a 4D interactive zone are also available. As seen in this YouTube video by Lisa Tang, an augmented reality display brings models of 2D memes to life as they pass by a screen on a conveyor belt.

According to organizers, 9GAG's first NFT — a collage of memes that is auctioned off for $25,000 in July — is one of the highlights at the meme museum.

Source: Insider

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