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Jalicia Nightengale: Beautiful Black Woman with Blue Eyes

Living in a judgmental world is a reality that many cannot still accept. Being different in a society is a great challenge to a person who wants to fit in. And if you do know how to handle your differences, other opinions don't matter. But how to surpass this kind of society? Jalicia was a dark skin kid who grew up in Barbados, she was the center of attention anywhere she went. This model/actress was different, but her blue eyes not only drew attention.

Those eyes are something you want to keep looking at because they are heavenly.

She is one of the beauties gracing the modeling industry with her spirit. She is an Afro-English who gained fame due to angel looking eyes. Her full name is Jalicia Nightengale and is a beautiful black woman with blue eyes.

Born in 1992, Jalicia's life turning point was when she moved to Switzerland with her then-boyfriend because she was offered a job as a model in the country. Her early life was not easy as the difference in her appearance was the reason why girls in her school bullied her, which made her decide not to go to school for an entire term. The bullying was also the reason why she thinks of her eyes as a curse.

From then on, Jalicia almost wanted to live under a rock and never come out again, but she gathered her strength. She spoke about how scary it was to live in Barbados for her because of all the attention. As she started to grow into a strong young woman, she learned to drown the negativity surrounding her. Jalicia inherited her blue eyes from his father’s side of the family. It is a recessive gene that appears only a few times in every generation. The blue is an unusual shade, extremely light and vibrant. This helped her physical appearance to stand out.

After high school, Jalicia knew which path she wanted to take next and at the age of 18, she moved to Switzerland with her then-boyfriend because of his job offer in that country. When she arrived in Switzerland, she was off to fulfill her dream of becoming a model. She sent her photo to Switzerland’s version of America’s Next Top Model, and after multiple attempts, she was selected for the show. She made all the way to the finals in Swiss Fashion TV Model Search, and her career was up and running.

Jalicia is not just a beautiful face, she is also involved in social work, and as a way to celebrate dark-skinned women, she organized photo shoots where the dark-skinned beauty is on full display to dispel the thinking that dark is equal to ugly and light is pretty.

She's also been in two massive Hollywood productions, and one of them was in Justice League. She was one of the Amazonian warriors in Themyscira when Steppenwolf arrived to take the mother box.

Jalicia was happily married to the British musician Ché Hebson after almost three years of committed relationship. When she went to Britain to visit him, she got a marriage proposal from Ché, which she accepted. They seem to have known each other since college, and after completing their graduation, the couple exchanged their vows in 2012.


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