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iOS14 First look - More Intelligent, More Personal, More Private coming this fall

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

IOS 14 and IPadOS14 is launching its big flagship features.

One of IOs 14's latest major flagship features is the new home screen where you can place widgets or any of the filters that you like with the other icons, and Apple has created a new section called the App Library that contains all of your apps, like the android app drawer, where it will give you a presentation that will no longer look like a junk folder.

But to focus on iPadOS 14's latest flagship features is the Apple Pencil, and the Scribble is for its prominent popular features for the Apple Pencil on iPadOS. It will help you write stuff using your handwriting on every part of the text area, then go to the text field and print them. What makes it better is you can roam all over the IPad using your handwriting. But, for example, if your script is not accurate, IPadOs will give you the solution just for a simple step where you can circle some text and select it, or you can scratch some of the document and automatically delete it. But for a long-form of notes, Scribble is not advisable, it is only suitable for short notes because it only takes a dose of one second to resolve.

So if you're sitting in a class or lecture and you need long letters, you can use the Apple Notes App where you can handwrite, what's a new update in it is that you can long-press the word and get the selector bars then copy the text, paste it later so you can get a plain written text out of your handwriting notes which making the Apple's Notes even more convenient. Other things you can do in your apple notes are when you draw a shape and hold the pencil down at the end, you'll get a beautiful clean version of the form you've drawn.

The other flagship apps of iPadOS 14 are the Translate app created by Apple, and you can tell when you compare it to Google Translate that Apple has done a pretty good job. There's still a lot of fresh stuff out of the leading new flagship apps that are hard to categorize. So the first significant group of small improvements is that you can display things on top of other stuff without flipping the whole screen over to the things you want to show and make your contacts a little elegant which Apple calls this Compact UI where if anyone calls you it doesn't take up the whole screen.

If you use Siri, there will be a small bubble shape that you can see pulsing with the sound of your voice, and you can get pictures on both the iPhone and the IPad with a few different apps. There are also a few other little interface changes like they update the sidebar looks and a new time picker, messages where you can add the conversations or threads for inline answers.

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