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'Ice Cream Chillin', Chillin', - The SELPINK Collab is Here to Melt Your Hot Summer

After the breathtaking comeback of “How You Like That,” the Queens of Kpop, Blackpink, surprised the fans with their second single, “Ice Cream,” featuring the American Pop Star Selena Gomez.

Instagram post by: @blackpinkofficial

Instagram post by: @selenagomez

The music video was released on the 28th day of August 2020, gaining over 79.08 million views in the first 24 hours.

Video by: BLACKPINK/ Youtube

Despite some circumstances that the world is facing right now, the song’s catchy beat will make the listeners feel sexy, cheery, and cute with Selena’s seductive voice, Lisa’s rap, Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé’s vocals.

'Ice Cream' was also co-written by Ariana Grande, who the fans are expecting Blackpink to collaborate with. Nonetheless, the fandom’s pretty lucky to get Selena and Ariana working on the new song despite the criticism of Gomez over Grande.

Alongside the release of “Ice Cream”, the American pop star also launched her partnership with Serendipity to make her flavor, inspired by her collaboration with Blackpink called “Cookies & Cream Remix” was also featured in the music video.

Instagram post by: @serendipitybrands

Today, “Ice Cream” debuts at no. 13 on Billboard’s Hot 100, making it Blackpink's first single to peak top 20, and within two weeks, the video has now gained 200 Million views. This is their 9th music video to reach a certain amount of ideas leading with “Ddu-ddu-ddu” that has reached over 1.3 billion views.

Tweet by: @billboard

Tweet by: @ygent_official

Video by: BLACKPINK/ Youtube

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