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Hundreds hospitalized in India after an outbreak of an unknown infection

Photo credits RTE

Hundreds of people were rushed to different hospitals in India due to an unidentified infection but they were convinced that it is not COVID related.

At least 200 people were already discharged from the facilities over the weekend at Eluru, state of Andhra Pradesh. All of the patients were tested for coronavirus disease. However, they all tested negative.

According to Dolla Joshi Roy, district surveillance officer of West Godavari District, some of the symptoms that the patients have experienced are seizures, nausea, and some even fainted.

The origin of the infection remains unknown and it has already infected hundreds including 300 children. Unfortunately, one person is also reported dead.

Photo credits Forbes

“The children suffered from dizziness, fainting, headache, and vomiting,” said local officials of Andhra Pradesh.

The federal health ministry of India has secured experts to determine the cause of the mysterious infection. Medical experts have also acquired blood samples from those who have recovered and brought it for a serological and bacterial investigation.

The investigation continues at particular places where the outbreak has said to have originated..


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