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How a British Soldier Survived a 15,000 ft. Fall After Parachute Failure

This could be one of your greatest fears, too! We somehow have added skydiving to our bucket list, but the story that you are about to read might change your minds in an instant.

The impossible just happened to a British soldier after he survived a 15,000-foot fall.

The said incident happened last July 6, 2021, after soldiers that are based at Camp Roberts performed their group training of HALO or High Altitude Low Opening jumps. This training is made to insert troops and equipment into often hostile environments and involves dropping from altitudes as high as 40,000 feet, but only opening parachutes as low as 3,000 feet before reaching the ground.

HALO jumps are also made to avoid detection and reach drop zones rapidly but allow little room for error or malfunctions.

In the northwest part of Los Angeles, people of Via Cielo Atascadero were taken aback after the soldier crashed at a neighbor's tiled roof forming a big hole. Luckily, there was no civilian harmed since the house has no inhabitants inside. The neighbors immediately called for 911 and rushed to offer him help.

It is truly a miracle to say that the soldier did not have any major injuries and is now recovering.

The paratrooper was falling from 4,572 meters when his main parachute failed to open. Fortunately, the soldier was equipped with a reserve chute and he tried to deploy it to slow the descent, however, it did not reach the Drop Zone which then resulted in the soldier falling rapidly and crash through a residential roof.

According to the British Embassy spokesperson, the soldier is said to be recovering well now and they added that the UK Military is always attempting to minimize damages caused by malfunctions and they also expressed their gratitude towards the local residents.


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