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Helsinki Airport Uses Dogs to Detect CoronaVirus in 10 Seconds

Sniffing dogs are being trained at Helsinki's airport to detect coronavirus on arriving passengers.

Photo Credits: Forbes

Helsinki airport is offering a coronavirus test that only takes 10 seconds with no nasal swab test needed, only done by a dog trained by Wise Nose, a Finnish smell detection agency.

Photo Credits: My Pope Philippines

Upon arriving at the airport, passengers have to wipe their necks to collect sweat samples and leave it on a box where dog trainers collect it, putting the box beside different scents, and the dog gets to work by making a sound when they detect one.

Photo Credits: The Daily Standard World News

Researchers say dogs have a particularly sharp sense of smell that proves a cheaper, faster, and effective way. The sniffer dogs can detect it by smelling urine or sweat samples and an asymptomatic person or before the symptoms appear, and an ill person who has cancer and malaria.

Photo Credits: CNBC

Youtube: Guardian News


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