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Heads Up: Night Sky to be lit up by Meteor Shower Tonight

This year had been chaotic and difficult for all of us from the pandemic, the destructive typhoons, and even earthquakes that made us think that 2020 is just the worst year there is.

Tonight, we will rest easy and take a little break from all of these as we experience the Leonids meteor shower tonight dawn on Wednesday morning.

The said meteor shower is something we should not miss to see in our lifetime and it would be best to gaze on it on Wednesday, 2 AM.

It would also be great to look at the diagram below to see how the meteors will travel and which direction will give you the best view.

Photo by PAGASA

Go out and look for a place where these stars are most visible. We all need a breather from the distress of this world and this beautiful sight will give us the assurance that even in the darkest of times, we will still shine, and that the world is still beautiful, we just have to look up and be reminded.


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