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Giant Penis Drawn in Suez Canal before Cargo Ship got Stuck

Photo released by the Suez Canal Authority, taken March 25, 2021


The cargo ship that got stuck in the middle of the Suez Canal has drawn the attention of many and it has been a topic for most memes already, but behind it is a puzzling idea of how the cargo ship was able to draw a huge penis prior to its blunder.

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The cargo ship Ever Given weighs 200,000 tons and is 1,300-foot-long caused enormous traffic along the very busy route while it is traversing on March 23. The analysis of the tracking data didn't just show its track and how it got stuck, it also created a weird and silly-shaped path. However, a spokesperson for the maritime tracking site confirmed that though it is accurate, there is nothing suspicious about it and they told Vice that it is not worthy of some conspiracy theories and false info.

The Suez Canal is one of the world's most important shipping lanes and the blockage has caused delays and locked the pathways for other cargo ships.

The Taiwanese-owned ship said to have drifted across the entire canal width as it heads north. The reports believed it was caused by a flurry of wind which resulted in the ship drifting across the canal. There is also no need to worry for the crews since they are all said to be doing good.

In the meantime, a team of tugboats is trying to get the ship away from the canal's wall but it is feared to be taking a number of days. A team of tugboats is currently trying to get the ship free from the canal's eastern wall, though it's feared this could take several days that could affect trades and vessels going to and fro.


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