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Genting Dream Cruise Ship: Cruises to Nowhere

It's been a year and a half since people around the world are dealing with the aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic. So many businesses were put to a halt. But with the rapid evolution of the virus variants also rise the recalibration of people's strategies to sustain their businesses despite the decline of the economy.

This is a great challenge especially for the traveling business, the first in the line that got frozen when locking down big cities was strictly implemented by the government. In Hong Kong, a brand new market of ex-pats is utilized by the cruise operator, Genting who are longing for a short break but were put off from international travel because of the city's tight quarantine measures. This Asia's largest international hub remained at almost total stoppage while the possibility of traveling abroad is returning to the US and Europe little by little.

Undeniably, the people of Hong Kong were one of the most traveled people so the Genting Dream Cruise had come up with an alternative option for a vacation that will surely be favored by many who would prefer staycations rather than watching the pandemic pass and just staying at home. Recurring strives to establish travel with neighboring countries but has been discouraged as this region follows a zero-Covid policy.

What is a Dream Cruise anyway?

Having heard of a voyage with no destination? That is exactly what a Dream Cruise is like. It is where passengers are taken from and to Hongkong, sailing in a big loop that will take at least either two or three nights.

When boarding on this 335-meter-long vessel that holds more than 3000 people, it comes with different room ranges-balcony cabin, a suite, or access to a private deck and pool.

Ticket sales are limited at a half-capacity. At the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, there is more staff checking and rechecking travel documents and medical forms to assure that passengers who want to go onboard are fully vaccinated with their negative PCR test that was taken 48 hours before the departure. Also, everyone on board has a tracking device so that their whereabouts can be monitored in case there is an infection.

"The operator behind Hong Kong’s "cruises to nowhere" is seeking negotiations with the government to lift COVID-19 curbs on capacity after receiving an overwhelming response from the public in its first month of voyages. Kent Zhu Fuming, president Genting Cruise Lines told the "Post", he was planning to submit a proposal to the Government in two weeks on easing restrictions insisting that the company's "seacation" product, provided a lifeline for the battered tourism industry" - South China Morning Post

Source: CNN Travel

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