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Funny But On-Point Privacy-Focused iPhone Ad by Apple

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

When it comes to privacy, it is the utmost essential thing people prioritizes to protect their name, legacy, and above all, their life. With a lot of issues circling involving hackers, tracking, and all the nasty stuff you would never wish to come to cross paths with, Apple shared a short but on-point advertisement showcasing what their device offers in terms of ‘privacy’ issues.

Today Apple shared a diverting new security centered iPhone advertisement in which individuals ungracefully and loudly revealed things that are meant to be kept private to strangers, including their card numbers, logins, web history, and other confidential pieces of information.

Ad from YouTube: Privacy. That’s iPhone. – Over Sharing

For instance, a man announces loudly on a public transport vehicle that he has visited eight sites for marriage separation from lawyers that day. Also, at dinner, a lady tells the other two individuals at the table that she bought pregnant mom’s supplements and four pregnancy tests on March 15 at 9:16 a.m., which unmistakably could be found in the search history of her iPhone.

"A few things shouldn't be shared,"

"That is the reason iPhone is intended to help give you authority over your data and secure your protection."

More than once, Apple has mentioned that its outlook on security is "fundamental human right," and one of the organization's "guiding principle."

At the CES gadgets show in Las Vegas a year ago, Apple elevated its promise of keeping their customer’s privacy their top priority in a giant billboard that read "what occurs on your ‌iPhone‌, remains on your ‌iPhone‌."

Tweet from @chrisvelazco

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