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Facebook Leaks Personal Information: Is it something to worry about?

Photo credits Benoit Daoust/ Shutterstock

You might have felt like it is unsafe to put your personal information on social media or even doubted its risk for privacy. Well, what you're feeling is justifiable especially that hackers and data breachers are everywhere.

People were warned through Twitter by a cybersecurity professional named "Alon Gal" of a Facebook data leak that made 533 million personal records available online, what made it scarier was that it was available for free! It was also clarified by Facebook that the database was from a security hole in the year 2019 that has exposed phone numbers and even IDs and the issue was fixed then at the time.

Tweets made by Alon Gal said that the user's phone number was exposed but then a closer look at screenshots showed more than that. It shows that information such as names, email addresses, locations, birthdates, relationship status, and even phone numbers was left unprotected. Not only that, but it also revealed the user's personal bio!

The risks of these exposed data are bigger than you ever thought! The leak of personal data could result in identity theft, phishing, and even steal personal passwords. That sounds scary, right?

To avoid this kind of dilemma, you can secure your account by adding two-factor authentication to your Facebook account or simply change your password regularly. Also, do not put too much information and avoid being gullible with untrusted links or sites.

Be technology-wise and protect yourself from online breachers!


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