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Evil USB Cable Capable of Easily Hacking Your Data

Photo credit Null Byte

We use USB cables almost every day for work, school, business, and even for storing personal data. The use of this cable seems harmless and even convenient for us.

Now that digital threats are increasing, people need to know and be aware of USB cables that transfer malware into devices.

Research from last year showed how this evil USB was used to transfer malware from an ordinary USB cable. Recently, Mike Grover, a security researcher, has built a USB-to-Lightning cable that looked just like an ordinary cable that had a Wi-Fi chip inside. This was made to make it work like any other Human Interface Device or HID.

The cable which is also called the OMG or Offensive-MG cable can automatically inject any malicious data on any device using a smartphone. To execute commands, the USB cable can be easily connected to any Wi-FI or hotspot of a mobile phone.

According to Grover, this OMG cable can de-authenticate attacks on 802.11, it will also be able to hack the victim’s password, flash the system’s firmware, and even get data. The researchers also said that if this cable is granted to other researchers, they will be able to explore its uses and other attacks made. Because of this, he is planning to produce more malicious cables and sell them.

False USB cables should be taken seriously and operating systems should be responsible for introducing security measures to avoid from hackers and other issues. USB Monitors are also considered to allow transferring of power but not an exchange of data.


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