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England's Tier 4 Lockdown Considering Schools to Close if Infections Don't Drop

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has dismissed the introduction of the fourth tier coronavirus regulations after scientists advised more measures involving school closure might be mandatory.

It was reported over the weekend that the fourth tier could include the closure of restaurants and non-essential shops. But Professor Neil Ferguson said that the government might have to go further and close schools if the restrictions fail to effect. 

The Government has previously said closing schools would be a last resort and other societies may have to be sacrificed to ensure they remain open.  

On BBC Breakfast interview Mr. Hancock said: ‘We’ve always said all along that we take nothing off the table. Having said that, we have seen the rise in the number of cases has slowed a bit.

‘The problem is it’s still going up, and while it’s still going up we’ve got to act to get it under control. 

‘We rule nothing out but at the moment the three-tier system is what we’re working to and it’s effective in slowing the growth of this virus but it hasn’t brought this curve to a halt.’

Schools have been affected by Wales’ firebreak lockdown which came into effect on October 23. Only primary schools will be allowed to return next Monday and other students are told to learn from home until the following week.  


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