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Emily in Paris: The Total Eye Candy Series You Need Right Now!

If you’re feeling stressed out lately and need a breather, Emily in Paris is the answer! 

Emily in Paris is the go-to for people who love fashion, Paris, and a boy next door drama. 

Emily’s character plays a woman who unexpectedly offered a job in Paris to bring an American point of view to a French marketing firm. Unfamiliar with the culture, she encounters leisure and extraordinary events in love, life, and career. 

Apart from showing the beautiful places of Paris, Lily Collins nailed portraying Emily in its exquisite fashion sense with her everyday apparel that is flaunted in the show that gives you the chic vibe and people can’t stop talking about it. 

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The love interests of Emily is also a must-watch, with the never-ending flirts surrounding her, viewers can’t escape the charming lads in this series. 

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Throughout the criticism of how cliché and unrealistic the French perceived it, Emily in Paris received a lot of love and buzz, a great fit for escaping reality and we need a second season right now! 

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