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Elon Musk's Neuralink has a video of a macaque monkey playing video games with its mind

Photo credits/ Reuter

Neuralink is owned by the billionaire, Elon Musk. The neuralink is a company that is set to make neural-interface technology, it is currently developing artificial-intelligence-powered microchips that go into people's brains.

With the world's emergence of technology, anything can be made possible. And Elon Musk just proved it. Elon Musk had just flaunted his monkey through a video that was released on Thursday. The video shows a macaque monkey using the technology to play video games that include "pong".

According to Neuralink, the monkey has been named Pager. It has a chip implanted in his brain just six weeks ago. As shown in the video above, the monkey was set to move the cursor to a colored square, and when he does, he's given some banana smoothie through a tube as a form of reward.

This is quite a highlight since this is the very first time Musk has allowed the public to see such a monkey controlling a computer game with its brain. despite his many previous Neuralink tests.

A neuroscience expert, Andrew Jackson, said that the said test on monkeys is nothing new and that comparable results were done in 2002. However, he also said that it was a good test of the technology. Jackson also added, "If you invent a new telescope, it makes sense to first point it where you know what you will see. So they are following a very sensible route to validate their device. I am sure this device will contribute to new scientific discoveries in the future, as well as improving the usability of existing neural interface technologies for people with paralysis."

Anything is possible with a dose of technology and science, right?


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