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Doc Willie Ong’s Story: An Inspiration to Aspiring Doctors;

As we face a global health crisis, our doctors and nurses have become our modern day heroes as they always go on the frontline to combat COVID-19. They have become restless and even distressed just to do their duties to serve for the sick and dying.

Doing the latter has took Dr. Ong on a difficult journey on becoming a professional doctor. Dr. Willie Ong is a cardiologist and internist, he also ran for senator and has placed the 18th rank among all the other senatorial aspirants in the 2019 mid-term elections. In his movie titled I Will: The Doc Willie Ong Story that garnered 1 million views and over 12,000 comments, his life story has been made known to the public.

In the said movie, Willie has been struggling in expelling his ambition of taking up medical course and becoming a medical doctor.

“I suffered from Major depression for 13 years and I was on medication. I spent most of my holidays alone, away from my family. I even questioned God “Why is this happening to me? Others who are in the same condition as me has made drastic decisions, thank God I didn’t.”

Willie met Liza when he was on his fourth year of therapy and medication. Liza was also a medical student who later became his girlfriend and now, his wife. Liza has also been of big help with Willie’s battle against depression. They both got married after six months and continued their service to the sick and the needy.

Willie’s movie has inspired people who have also been struggling mentally to overcome their fears, anxiety and depression with an unusual medicine that’s called unconditional love. This inspirational movie was made for a cause.

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Doctors Willie Ong and his wife Liza with Hero Angeles and Raechelle Ricketts who played their roles in the movie

The movie isn’t just about Willie’s experience with depression and love luck, but rather, it was a story of determination, endurance, pursuit of dreams and the importance of holding on to one’s faith.

‘My parents wanted me to pursue a career in business”, said Willie. His parents was against his dream of becoming a doctor and helping millions of people. He was also bullied in the process but that didn’t stop him from believing in his purpose, to become the harbinger of hope for the less privileged.

While on medical school, he experienced breakdowns and felt like he was on his rock bottom. During this days, he sought help from a psychiatrist who also guided him to stay on track while on medication that lasted for 13 years.

When Liza came, Willie’s perspective in life shifted and it motivated him to pursue medicine even more to fulfill his dream of helping the poor.

The movie is directed by Ronnie Ricketts and original songs and musical scoring are by Vehnee Saturno. Singers are Martin Nievera and Richard Reynoso. The movie has the special participation with Nora Aunor.

The movie’s purpose is to inspire people especially those who are aspiring doctors and those who are battling with depression. The movie gives hope and light that life isn’t always rainbows, but you have to keep pursuing your dreams and believe that one day, it will come true. It inspires people to always hope, to always be compassionate with others, to pursue one’s desire, and to seek God’s guidance above all.


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