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Disney’s Godmothered Official Trailer now on Youtube

Photo credit Yahoo

A new trailer has been released by Disney+ for the upcoming fantasy comedy film Godmothered,

Disney+ has already revealed some upcoming films in the past weeks. The story is centered on a fairy godmother who discovers that her profession is falling on the edge already as she struggles to adapt to the modern-day.

Walt Disney Studios already released the trailer for the Godmothered via YouTube. As seen in the teaser, Jillian Bell played the fairy godmother Eleanor, her role is understood as the godmother who leaves her fantasy realm to travel to the human world and make a young girl’s wish come true. She then realizes that the human world is so different from what she expected it to be.

The trailer gives us a whole lot of Christmas vibes and even magic. The movie is scheduled to release on the 4th of December.

Link for video:

Source: Youtube

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